Infrastructure Risk Assessment

RiskSek provides a Holistic View of the Risk associated with your On-Premises Infrastructure using our Intelligent Risk Assessment and Scoring Approach.

Focuses on configuration review and risk associated with your On-Premises Security Infrastructure components.


On-Prem Configuration Review

Security configuration review of network and security appliances such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, proxy filters.

Standards Benchmarking

Benchmarking against organization configuration standards and/or industry frameworks such as ISO2701, NIST, CIS controls, PCI-DSS.

Scope of Assessment


Network Firewalls Policy Review

  • Unnecessary Ports
  • Insecure Rules
  • Secure Configuration

Intrusion Detection Systems Policy Review

  • Traffic to Command and Control Systems
  • Rogue Outbound Traffic
  • Traffic Anomalies
  • Performance Optimization

Privilege Management Systems Configuration

  • Discovery of Service Accounts
  • Management of Privileged Entitlements

Data Loss Prevention System Policy Review

  • Data Classification
  • Detection for Data Leaks
  • Sensitive Information Leaks
  • Intellectual Property Leaks

Proxy Filter Rules Review

  • Web Filtering for Authenticated Users
  • Unauthenticated Access Permissions
  • Performance Optimization

Value Proposition


  • Report of Configuration issues and Risks Observed

  • Remediation Strategy

  • Benchmarking Comparison Report

  • Hardening Standards Report

  • Risk Score

External facing assets are most vulnerable, and we view and think from a hacker’s perspective to identify these vulnerabilities and risk associated.


Exterior Analysis

Perform non-intrusive scans on external facing entities of your organization from outside of your environment.

Deep/Dark Web Analysis

Monitor dark web for information related to your organization.

Cloud Surface Analysis

Monitor external facing cloud services to identify insecure configuration

Scope of Assessment


HackView LENS is a suite of tools and utilities used to perform around 50 checks at different layers of your web presence to identify issues.

HackView Network LENS

Identify insecure network services and misconfigurations

HackView Phish LENS

Discover CyberSquatting, TypoSquatting and Potential Phishing Domains

HackView Mobile LENS

Static analysis of Android APK to find vulnerabilities and code compliance issues

HackView Web LENS

Identify insecure software versions, web misconfigurations

Domain Reputation LENS

Detect SSL/TLS issues, insecure ciphers, Blacklisted IPs, URLs and identify misconfigurations on SPF, DMARC, DNS Health Records Assessments

HackView Credential LENS

Discover breached credentials in dark web and in false campaigns

HackView Data Leak LENS

Discover sensitive information, Intellectual Property leaks in Surface Web and Dark Web

HackView Repository LENS

Discover leaked Secrets, Keys, APIs, credentials in GitHub and Bitbucket

HackView Cloud LENS

Discover leaked S3 buckets and misconfigurations on Cloud Services

HackView Social Media LENS

Research Malicious and Brand Reputation related conversations, potential attacks

Value Proposition


  • Report of Configuration Issues and Risks Observed

  • Remediation Strategy

  • Risk Score

Focuses on identifying vulnerabilities on organization’s on-prem and cloud network infrastructure and attempt to exploit them. This helps in identifying threats and plan to mitigate them before the bad actors act on them.


Network VAPT

Perform network vulnerability assessment of internal and external network infrastructure on both On-prem and Cloud to identify sucurity flaws.

Penetration Testing

View the network through the eyes of a hacker to exploit the vulnerabilities and attempt to breach the network.

Threat Assessment

Assess the threats associated with the vulnerabilities and breaches observed.

Scope of Assessment


We perform the Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing on your network infrastructure

We perform the Penetration Testing to cover the below categories

Value Proposition


  • Report of Exposed Vulnerabilities & Threats on the Network
  • Information of Required Patches

  • Report of Assets Breached

  • Remediation Strategy

  • Security Posture Improvement Techniques
  • Risk Score

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